Donna Hughes | Songwriting


Donna has written over 500 songs during her career. Her songs are being covered on You Tube by artists such as “A.J. Lee & The Tuttles”  & many other artists around the world – from  Slovakia, Japan, Bulgaria, and more.

Numerous other artists have recorded her original tunes including, but not limited to:

Alison Krauss & Union Station recorded My Poor Old Heart that appears on AKUS Lonely Runs Both Ways. The album won a Grammy for Country Album of the Year (Alison’s 20th Grammy – the most ever won by any female.) Alison Krauss & Union Station, featuring Jerry Douglas performed this song at the CMA Awards in 2005.  The song is also included on Ron Block’s instructional DVD.

Kim Robins

The Seldom Scene – “Sad Old Train” on the album “SYNCHRONIZED“ nominated for Best Bluegrass Album Grammy in 2007.

Nu-Blu Nights” – Title track from the band’s 2010 album.
“The Donna Hughes song is suffused with the longing and profound ache Hughes delivers as well as any writer, and Nu-Blu makes it work by trimming down its instrumental attack, leaving only Luck’s mournful fiddling and Daniel’s stark acoustic guitar picking to craft a stark, abject soundscape for Carolyn to offer a stirring, restrained reading that packs a punch by being so controlled. The song is a keeper, and so is the entire album. Figure on Nu-Blu hanging around for awhile.” The Bluegrass review of “NIGHTS” by Nu-Blu

Kati Penn – “Never Gonna Change” on the album, “MY TURN TO CRY“ released in 2008.

Darren Beachley – “Scattered to the Wind“ from his album ‘I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK” released in 2009.

The Snyder Family Band “Little Bluebird” on the album “COMIN’ ON STRONG“ released in 2010.

VIDEO – Songs written by Donna, performed by other artists:

Alison Krauss & Union Station performing “My Poor Old Heart” at the IBMA Awards: 


“Scattered To The Wind,” covered by A.J. Lee & The Tuttles:

Donna’s original song, “Sad Old Train,” performed by The Seldom Scene on Song Of The Mountains:


Donna’s “Little Bluebird” by the Snyder Family:

Grasscountry, a band in Slovakia, performing Donna’s “Where Are You Darlin?”


Bands in Japan are singing Donna’s songs.  Here is Saita band singing “What I’m Looking For:”

Varjakka String Band in Finland, covering “My Poor Old Heart:”

Nagoya University Bluegrass Club, in Japan, at their 5th annual concert, performing “Sad Old Train:”

Here is a band called “Union Central,” covering “My Poor Old Heart:”