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The Way I Am by Donna Hughes“If you don’t think you know Donna Hughes, then you could be wrong. Co-writer of the Alison Krauss and Union Station track ‘Poor Old Heart’ among others, she is a songwriting powerhouse with a true authentic feel and storytelling nature. 2014 sees her embark on her biggest endeavor yet; two albums, both released on the same date, with different goals in mind. ‘Fly’ is focused on the piano, but ‘From The Heart’ (the album from which ‘The Way I Am’ is the lead single) is a collection of 17 bluegrass numbers, 16 of which are Donna Hughes originals. She takes influence from as many genres as you can name and has plenty of life experience to draw from (seeing as she didn’t come to her own music until a bit later on in life), all of which can be heard in her music without it detracting from the loyalty to the original sound. ‘The Way I Am’ is a sweet, meaningful ditty that is mischievous in its hysterically blunt approach to describing all the beauty-related things her man has to put up with, and still loves her the way she is!”