Review of “Hellos, Goodbyes, and Butterflies”……”Which is my way of saying that while I am no expert on bluegrass, I know what plucks my strings and few pluck them as well as Donna Hughes on her new album, *Hellos Goodbyes & Butterflies*. Hughes brings something more to the music than a solid bluegrass voice and an ability to phrase. She brings a feeling for the music—a real feeling—and boy, do I hear it. She had me from “When will you ever learn,” the first line of the outstanding lead-off track, Cut Your Losses. When I heard that one line, I somehow knew this album was special. The song sounds like it could have come off of the first or second Bluegrass Album Band project, substituting Hughes’ superb voice for lead, and if you haven’t heard either of those albums and you love vocal bluegrass and topnotch picking, you haven’t lived.” Read the entire review at FAME.