videopics 096-low“The Red Oak Tree” music video premiered on August 23, 2014. The song appears on both of my new albums.  I wanted to give a huge thanks to my #1 Fan and video financier, Charles Finch along with Indiegogo video sponsors Curtis Ingram Harley Johnson Lee Michael Demsey.  Thanks to Videographer, Anthony Ladd, with assistance by Penni McDaniel (Hope River Entertainment), and Benjamin West for their hard work on 3 day video shoot – 12+ hours per day! Also a thanks to Chris Gore who was also very nice in assisting us!

Please view the slideshow of behind the scene photos at our Red Oak Tree Facebook page.

Also thank you to the Heritage Carriage Company, Denton Farm Park  and to the High Point Theatre Company.  

This video would not be possible without the assistance of all of the following friends and family that participated in the making of “The Red Oak Tree” video:

Kim Dillon – assisted with my hair, filming on Friday & Saturday

Karen Miller, Ruby, Brown Loflin – loaned us the Denton Farm Park for church scenes

Officer Tim Marlowe – helped police the funeral scene

Heritage Carriage Company – provided the horse drawn Military Caisson “Midnight,” and “Night” – giant black percherons who pulled the Caisson

High Point Theatre Company for loaning us props

Dene & Irene Bowman – for loaning us 1930 Model A Ford

Chris Gore – Played the role of the husband who shot his wife, lover/committed suicide/Confederate Soldier/funeral, church scenes /assisted with filming all 3 long days

Alan Kinney – played the lover

Jennifer Cockman – played the cheating wife

Andy Kearns – the carpenter, various other scenes

Ashley Madison – the young girl from picnic, joy riding, wedding, other scenes

Brian Kearns – the young man from picnic, joy riding, wedding, other scenes

Roxy Roessing – drove 3 wheeled bicycle

Aubrey Duncan – rode in basket on bicycle

Jan & Thad Loflin – young couple in 1930 Model A Ford

Marcos Cervantes – young man wearing tux, who stepped over homeless man

Tom Kenyon – loaned us the 1926 Dodge Touring Car, and appeared in funeral and church scenes

Joyce Leviner – funeral, church scenes

Darrien Walker – young girl who held baby, appeared in funeral scene

baby Colton – in scene with Mommy

Charles McMahan – Civil War Union Soldier

Kerry Thompson – Civil War Union Soldier (drove all the way from Goldsboro, 3 hrs. away)

Ruthie Thompson – little girl walking in cemetery, wearing 1800’s clothing

Mark Blair – homeless man

Austin Adams -WWII Soldier, Graveside Service, Sunday, July 20.

Tim Brown – appeared in funeral & church scenes

Barbara & Chad Hall – Owned gorgeous Victorian home where we filmed picnic, murder, and Mommy & baby scenes, and Chad & Barbara were in church scene. Barbara was in funeral scene

Alaina Stewart – church scenes

Carlie Stewart – taller girl running behind bicycle wearing green, also church scenes

Haiden Endicott – younger girl running behind bicycle – also church scenes

Donna Hill – funeral, church scenes

Gene Hutchens – funeral, church scenes

Ed Davis – funeral, church scenes

Carolyn Sue Haigwood – funeral, church scenes

Josh Lohr – funeral, church scenes

Michelle Outlaw – funeral, church scenes

Debbie Beasley – funeral, church scenes

Jay Beasley – funeral, church scenes

Jeannie & Mark Farlow – funeral, church scenes, MADE HOT DOGS FOR EVERYONE!!!

Anna Watts – funeral, church scenes

Daniel Watts – funeral, church scenes

Paul Farlow – funeral scenes

Chrystal Sawyer – funeral, church scenes

Shannon Yates – funeral, church scenes

Richie Hughes – funeral, church scenes

Kelly Hughes – funeral, church scenes

Hayden Hughes – three year old boy wearing bow tie and suspenders in the scene holding hands with little girl and Grandpa, also church scenes

Charlotte Hughes – three year old girl wearing little white dress, in the scene holding hands with little boy and Grandpa

Isabelle Hughes – one year old baby, in her Grandpa’s arms, while walking with the 2 small children

Richard Hughes – old man walking with children

Patsy Hughes – church scenes

Misty Owens – funeral, church scenes

Brent Owens – funeral, church scenes

Shay Owens – girl crying in front of walking funeral procession, church scenes

Tonya Cruthis Ward – funeral, church scenes

Bonnie Allyn – funeral, church scenes

Chuck Hoffman – funeral, church scenes Hannah Brown – funeral, church scenes

Jeff Hughes – funeral, preacher in church scenes Sharon Hughes – church scenes

Hannah Hughes – funeral, church scenes

Lisa Thompson – funeral, church scenes

Phillip Thompson – funeral, church scenes

Ed Paradis – push mowed the pasture for us to cross through with Model A, brought generator, and fan, funeral, church scenes

Sue Hughes – funeral scenes

Cody Mauback – funeral scenes

Nathan Small – funeral scenes

Kim Kime – church, funeral scenes

Jimmy Strickland – church, funeral scenes

Loraye Hughes – Donna’s Mom, church scenes

Lilly Milholen – little girl in front of walking funeral procession, church scenes

Melissa Nealey – church, funeral scenes