Feature article Largo Umbra Magazine

Feature article Largo Umbra Magazine

Largo Umbra, a website for a visual orchestration of sound and feeling mixed with the personalities of those who bring you some of the sweetest and most enjoyable sounds in music, is proud to announce the launch of today’s premiere online magazine.

Grammy nominated artist, The Lumineers grace the cover of the debut issue that includes a preview of The 2013 Grammy Awards, a new album from the hit TV show Justified, and more.  Some of the talented artists covered in the February issue include: Jewel, Donna Hughes, Lonesome River Band, Alabama Shakes, Allen Levi, The Roys, Lisa Matassa, Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, Rodney Dillard, and more.

Largo Umbra will continue to feature a wide range of musical styles – focusing both on established artists along with up and coming artists in the Americana, Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Rock, and Pop genres.

The easy to read format is perfect for any music fan wanting more visual and less text to help them discover new music.  Largo Umbra’s stylish flip magazine includes numerous videos along with amazing photography that is visually pleasing to the reader’s eye while they discover new music.  To get your copy, visit LargoUmbra.com and click on Latest Issue/February 2013.