From Donna: I had the idea for the song from a cousin of mine (Bob Harris) who was complaining about everything being closed due to the Global Pandemic.
Suddenly the line just appeared in my head “I miss the days when Corona was a beer.”
The band playing with me is a group called:

I gave them a call to see if they wanted to come and sing a song I wrote in my barn, adding “By the way do you have Lab Coats and overalls?”
They did me one better and also brought masks and goggles!🤣😷
Within hours of making a call to their leader Clyde Lewis, they were getting out of their cars with lab coats, instruments, sound equipment & the works.
I love a bit of spontaneous Bluegrass fun on the fly during a world crisis! With everything being canceled …I thought someone needs to lighten the load.
I would love to get in the studio and do a professional version of the song & plan to, but realizes people needed cheering up immediately.
I do have a few new tracks coming out of Nashville. It’s been a long time since I’ve recorded anything. I’ve been selling Real Estate to beat the band in order to restore my Grandfather’s Farm. The tracks are getting fixes as we speak. This was something I wrote on the fly.
Something else I am rather excited about is, I am excited about: My original song “Where Are You Darlin ” will appear on Amanda Cook’s new upcoming record.
My songs have now been done by Alison Krauss, Seldom Scene, Wyatt Rice, Kati Penn, Kim Robins, Darren Beachley, Snyder Family, Bria Kelly of The Voice, Grass Country & Carlos & The Bandito, Nu Blu, & others around the world. Stay tuned for more!