Thank you to all of the Celebrities who have shown support for Donna in this crusade, by either “re-tweeting” Donna’s videos/photos on Twitter, “favoriting her tweets,” “following” or responding to Donna in favor of her efforts:

  • Wynonna Judd – Country Music Star
  • Lisa Vanderpump – of of The Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, & other Reality TV Shows.
  • The Barbi Twins, of Playboy Mansion/Hugh Heffner fame, who are apparently also animal activists
  • Broadway Star Christina Bianco
  • Actor Sam Kalidi from the war movie “Redacted,” & other films
  • Linda Hogan, Reality TV Star & former wife of famous wrestler Hulk Hogan
  • Lea Black, Real Housewives of Miami star, & other shows
  • John Pearce – well known Animal Advocate
  • Darren Kavinoky –  Host & Creator of Deadly Sins on the Discovery ID Channel, legal analyst, and Interventionist on Breaking Point on ID, as well as many other shows