deeprootslogoDeep Roots Magazine has featured both of Donna Hughes albums, From The Heart and Fly, as Album(s) of the Week.  Please visit Deep Roots and read more of “Time, Time, Time, See What’s Become of Me by David McGee who states…

“But Donna Hughes owns these songs right now, all 32 of them in her own fashion, as she reasserts herself as one of our finest songwriters and interpretive singers, in or out of bluegrass.”

One of the most moving of these, and in her entire, rich catalogue, is the solemn, brooding ballad “The Red Oak Tree,” to which Scott Vestal injects some of the loneliest banjo fills you’ll ever hear and Jenee Fleenor adds further haunting ambience on fiddle, both musicians supporting a remarkably measured Hughes vocal that is free of melodrama but clearly emotionally invested in the poignant moment.”