I am working on some new songs for my upcoming album and can’t wait to get in the studio. Check back soon on more announcements!

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  1. Donna,

    I anxiously await your NEW CD!

    I know that it will be your greatest artistic work to date as with each new CD, you raise the bar higher for yourself and others who aspire to excellence in the bluegrass genre. The sincerity of each and every one of your songs touches the heart of every listener.

    Keep on writing your beautiful songs!

    Since I 1st head you in concert at The Thomasville Woman’s Club — WITH my Mom!!!!—–in spring, 2006 (7+ years now!), “your songs have made a difference in MY life. Using editorial freedom with one of the most amazing performers in the history of music—-Jackie Wison—-“your MUSIC has lifted me HIGHER and HIGHER.”

    Keep on writing!

    Keep on singing!

    Keep on recording those amazing CD’s!

    Keep on performing and by so doing allowing us “fans” to partake of your extraordinary talent.

    But “most of all,” just keep being YOU as that is what your fans love most about you. Your lyrics are great, You are a GREAT singer! You are a GREAT guitarist & pianist. However, “most of all,”you are JUST a great person!!!

    See you in church at 11:00 am TODAY!

    Your #1 fan in the ENTIRE world!

    Charles Finch – Hillsborough, NC 27278 USA

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