Donna Hughes |Paintings

Here are some of  examples of Donna Hughes’ original canvas paintings.  If you are interested in purchasing an original piece, please email her to place your order.  No shipping charges on paintings purchased at Donna Hughes live shows.

U.S.A mainland orders only

16 x 20 = $30 plus $15 shipping 

18 x 24 = $40 plus $20 shipping

24 x 30 = $50 plus $25 shipping

IMG_20140413_172736 IMG_20140413_172727
 IMG_20140413_172718  IMG_20140413_172804
rainbow painting photoreterer
IMG_20141210_170517 IMG_20141210_170024
 IMG_20141210_165956  IMG_20141210_165933
IMG_20141210_165728 IMG_20141210_165619
IMG_20141210_165553 IMG_20141210_165543
heart painting fghfggfh
rainbow painting 2  IMG_20141214_141020
IMG_20141214_141052 IMG_20140413_172646
IMG_20140413_172655 IMG_20141214_140952
IMG_20140413_172709 1398458202564